Disposition Codes

Storrs/Regional Campus Disposition Definitions


- Applicants meet all minimum and all or most preferred qualifications.

- No limit or rule on the number of Interview applicants.  If the applicant merits an Interview ranking, the applicant should be ranked Interview and offered an interview.

- Must be invited for an interview.  Initial interviews can be held via phone, Skype, or other electronic communication medium, or in person.  Top candidates can be invited for on campus interviews  without a subsequent interview certification from OIE.

- Additional Interview applicants will require an updated interview certification from OIE.


- Applicants meet minimum and possibly some preferred qualifications.

- Disposition needs to indicate which preferred qualifications are lacking.

- If Interview pool is exhausted, applicants from this group may be moved to Interview group.

- If applicants are moved to interview group, a new interview certification must be obtained. 


- Applicants do not meet minimum qualifications.

- Applicants cannot be interviewed or hired.


Please contact the AA/EEO Search Compliance Unit at 860-486-2944 with any questions.