Graduate Assistant FAQs
for Sexual Harassment Prevention and Diversity Awareness Trainings

Training Requirements

Why am I required to complete Diversity Awareness and Sexual Harassment Awareness Prevention trainings?

All University graduate assistants and employees must complete both trainings within the first semester of the assistantship or within six (6) months of hire pursuant to state law.

Is this training available online? What about for people who work remotely and/or live far from campus?

While we understand challenges associated with commuting and complex scheduling, state statute requires attendance within six months in a classroom-like setting and attendance is a requirement of your assistantship.  If it is not possible for you to travel to Storrs, throughout the Academic Year we do occasionally offer live streaming in proctored classrooms on various dates at our Regional campuses, including in Hartford, Avery Point and Stamford.   Please let us know if one of these options might work better for you and the Office of Institutional Equity at ( can assist you with those logistics.  Otherwise, you will need to attend training at the Storrs campus.

I am currently registered for training, however it is beyond the 6-month deadline. Will this affect my graduate assistantship?

It will be important for you to register for and complete the training as soon as possible to avoid impacting your assistantship. Completing both trainings is a requirement of your assistantship.

What are the consequences of not participating in the trainings by the stated deadline?

State statute requires employees to complete training within six (6) months of hire; they are a requirement of your assistantship. Failure to do so could result in employment consequences.


I had a graduate assistantship last semester, but didn’t complete those required trainings. I do not have a graduate assistantship for this current semester. Do I still need to complete the trainings?

While it is unfortunate that you did not attend training during the past semester, since you do not have a current assistantship you are no longer required to attend the trainings.  Please note, however, that you will be required to complete the trainings if you return to a graduate assistantship at any time in the future. If this is something you anticipate, we would encourage you to attend the trainings now.

I am a graduate student who does not have a current Assistantship, however I do have a job through student employment. My current supervisor is requesting that I complete these trainings based on my job duties and university interactions within my scope of employment. Must I complete these trainings and are they required of me?

Yes, you must complete these trainings based on your supervisor’s request.  Please contact to activate your account.  You will then have access to the course in the catalog so that you can self-register for the required training(s).

Attending and Scheduling Training Sessions

My graduate assistantship requires me to teach classes during all/most of the training dates and/or my own classes are happening during most/all of the trainings dates. My professor is not being flexible and will not let me miss my classes. What do you recommend?

We offer trainings throughout the year on a variety of days and times to accommodate various schedules.  If all of these dates and times conflict with your schedule, and your supervisor and/or instructor is unwilling to provide flexibility, please contact Cinnamon Adams, Director for Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Support, at the Graduate School ( for assistance in approaching you supervisor and/or instructor about this matter.

My class ends 15-30 minutes later than the start of the training. Am I able to attend the training even though I won’t be able to enter the training until after the first 10 minutes of the start of the training?

Attendance for the entire scheduled training time is mandatory under state law, therefore no person will be admitted after the first 10 minutes of the start of each training.  If you arrive after the first 10 minutes of training, you will be turned away and asked to register for another session. If you have a conflict with your class schedule, you are encouraged to speak with your instructor about options to allow you to arrive at the training on time.  If you need more assistance in this regard, please contact Cinnamon Adams, Director for Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Support, at the Graduate School (

I need an ADA accommodation in order to participate in the trainings. Whom should I contact?

If you need an accommodation please contact the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) at 860-486-2020 as soon as possible prior to the training.

Credit for Prior Trainings/Related Work

I am currently a Graduate Assistant, but had an assistantship (or was a UConn employee) in the past. I may have completed training then. Do I need to retake training now?


Graduate assistants were first required to attend these trainings in 2015. Permanent faculty and staff have attended these trainings beginning in 2009. Since 2013, there have been significant changes and updates to the trainings related to new law and policy on issues of discrimination, harassment and related topics in higher education. Thus, any person who is reentering the University workforce and has not attended training since prior to calendar year 2013 needs to attend again now, within six months of hire.

I am currently a Graduate Assistant but previously worked as a state employee at another state agency in Connecticut. I did complete trainings when I worked as a state employee previously. Do I need to retake the trainings?

If you have completed diversity awareness training at another state agency in 2013 or after and can confirm attendance in writing from that agency, you will not need to retake Diversity Awareness training, though we do strongly encourage you to do so.  Written confirmation of prior state training can be sent to  You will still be required to attend Sexual Harassment Prevention training, even if you took such training at another state agency, within six months of hire, as UConn’s training provides a critical overview of policies, resources and reporting obligations specific to your role as a graduate assistant in the higher education setting at UConn.

I have taken very similar trainings to these before in different settings (another university or place of business); am I therefore exempt from attending here?

While we appreciate that you may have attended similar trainings at other institutions in the past, you are still required to attend UConn’s trainings on these topics pursuant to state law. They are specific to UConn’s policies, procedures, resources and reporting obligations.


My research is focused on topics related to diversity, inclusion and sexual assault and I feel that I should be exempt from trainings based on my expertise on these topics.

All employees, including graduate assistants, regardless of discipline, must attend both trainings within six (6) months of hire pursuant to state law. OIE welcomes any feedback or thoughts you may have after trainings regarding the training content. Please don’t hesitate to contact OIE by email:

I’m confused because I already took online training and am being told I need to take more training. Are all these UConn trainings the same?

Graduate assistants are required to attend several important university trainings. All graduate   students must complete the online Not Anymore sexual violence training prior to registering for classes. This training must be taken by all graduate students, regardless of whether or not they also hold a graduate assistantship. This is a one-time, online training requirement. You must complete this training even if you took similar training as an undergraduate student at UConn or another institution of higher education. Please also note that the graduate student online Not Anymore training is different from the online training taken by UConn undergraduate students.

Listed below are the required trainings that all graduate assistants, who are considered university employees, must complete:

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training – The Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) in partnership with the Office for Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) presents 2-hour Sexual Harassment Prevention Training sessions throughout each academic year. This is a one-time, in person training, required for all graduate assistants to be completed within their first semester of their assistantship. This seminar will provide attendees with important information about sexual harassment prevention and response. The training is an important component of the University’s commitment to ensuring harassment-free working and learning environments.
  • Diversity Awareness Training – The Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) in partnership with the Office for Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) presents 3-hour Diversity Awareness Training sessions throughout each academic year.  This is a one-time, in person training, required for all graduate assistants to be completed within their first semester of their assistantship. This thought-provoking training seminar affords each of us the opportunity to reflect on our own actions and also provides information about UConn’s policies, resources, and conduct expectations. Diversity Awareness training is an important part of the University’s efforts to ensure that we are each contributing to and maintaining welcoming and inclusive working and learning environments.
  • Annual Compliance Training – The Office of University Compliance offers online, annual compliance training in order to provide individuals the opportunity to understand federal and state rules and regulations that may impact their responsibilities on campus.  The training serves as a reminder of the principles of the University’s Code of Conduct including the core values of Knowledge, Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Professionalism. The training should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.  Register here:
  • English Proficiency Policy for TAs and Testing Procedures - The International Teaching Assistant (ITA) services office requires all Teaching Assistants for whom English is not a native language to pass an oral English proficiency test regardless of citizenship or visa status. Certification of English proficiency is required in order to be a Teaching Assistant and can be obtained by meeting one of the following requirements listed in the ITA English Proficiency Policy.
  • Employee Safety Training Assessment (ESTA) – The Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) requires all graduate assistants to complete an Employee Safety Training Assessment with their supervisor using their area’s Workplace Hazard Assessment (WHA) within the first week of employment, and prior to assignment of any duties in which the GA may encounter safety hazards. This tool will help GAs learn which safety training courses are appropriate for their new position. With their supervisor’s support, the GA must register for and complete the EHS safety training, found here:


Training Registration and Completion Confirmation


How do I register for sessions on Learning@Work?

Navigate to Learning@Work.  Log in with NetID and password.


Can someone help me if I can’t log in?

Navigate to Learning @ Work and click “Login issue” to submit a help request.

How do I check to see if I already completed these sessions?

Navigate to Learning at Work. Once you log in, your completed sessions will be listed under “Completed Learning” with progress listed as “successful.”

I completed both the Sexual Harassment Prevention and the Diversity Awareness trainings 3 days ago but my completed learning section in the Learning@Work system has not been updated.

It can take up to one week from the training date for updates to occur in the system.  If, after one week, your completed learning section has not been updated please contact the Office of Institutional Equity at or 860-486-2943.  Please also note that you will receive an automated email notification when your completed learning section has been updated.