Education and Training

  1. Q:  Will I be required to sign in at the Diversity Awareness or Sexual Harassment Prevention training sessions?
    A:  No, however, you are required to sign an attestation sheet at the end of each session.
  2. Q:  What if I am late?
    A:  Please note that if you are more than 10 minutes late, you will not be allowed into the training session.
  3. Q:  Who has to attend the Diversity Awareness and/or Sexual Harassment Prevention trainings?
    A:  Both training sessions are mandatory for all University employees.
  4. Q: Is the Diversity Awareness and/or Sexual Harassment Prevention Training offered on-line?
    A:  At this time, the trainings are not available on-line.
  5. Q:  How long is the Diversity Awareness and/or Sexual Harassment Prevention Training?
    A:  Diversity Awareness Training is a 3-hour seminar and the  Sexual Harassment Prevention Training is a 2-hour seminar.
  6. Q:  What happens in the event of inclement weather?
    A:  Please call (860) 486-3768 on the day of the scheduled session for information pertaining to the Storrs campus. In the event that non-essential employees are not required to report to work, the training will be postponed. An email with a new date, time and location will be sent to employees who were signed-up for the training so they may register for a different session.
  7. Q:  Who do I contact if I need Sign Language Interpreter Service or Accessibility considerations?
    A:  Please contact Ann Randall at 860-486-8709 or ann.randall@uconn.edu at least 2 weeks prior to the session in order to confirm availability.
  8. Q:  Will refreshments be offered?
    A:  No.  The Dodd Center’s Konover Auditorium has a “No Food/No Drink” policy.  Thank you for your cooperation with this policy.