Michelle (Liz) Askew

Administrative Assistant

Phone:  860-679-3563
Email:   smalls@uchc.edu

Michelle (Liz) Askew joined the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) in 2014 and is the Administrative Assistant for the OIE office located at UConn Health.  Liz is responsible for assisting with all inquiries, reports and complaints made to the office and assisting investigative staff.  She also is responsible for performing a wide range of administrative and support activities for the entire office, including scheduling and support for UConn Health’s Community Resource Team, as well as OIE’s training sessions for employees and students.

Prior to joining UConn Health’s OIE, Liz performed various tasks within numerous clinics throughout UConn Health’s John Dempsey Hospital, including patient billing, customer service, and assistance with implementation of contracts for medical and dental students.  Liz also assisted with numerous employee searches, hiring and trainings; as well as participation on various hospital committees.