Search Checklist

Interview Approval (Certification) – Faculty and Staff Searches

When you are ready to submit your search to OIE for interview approval please make sure:

  • Proactive recruitment efforts to cast a broad net and fulfill the good faith requirement have been made.
  • Recruitment efforts must include sources beyond HuskyHire and the contractual University advertising such as The Chronicle, Inside Higher Ed, DIVERSE and HERC.
  • All recruitment efforts and sources are entered in Recruiting Solutions.
  • All applicants are ranked using the Interview, Qualified, and Unqualified disposition codes
  • All candidates ranked “Interview” will be offered an interview (initial interview can be via phone or Skype etc… or in person).
  • UCPEA applicants meeting the minimum qualifications and having indicated their UCPEA membership on application materials are ranked “Interview” and offered an interview
  • Applicants ranked as “Interview” met all minimum qualifications.
  • All “Qualified” applicants met the minimum qualifications.  For each applicant, the preferred qualification(s) that the applicant has NOT met are checked off.
  • For each “Unqualified” applicant, the minimum qualification(s) that the applicant has NOT met are checked off.
  • Applicants that submitted an incomplete application have a disposition code of “Unqualified” and the disposition reason indicates the incomplete application.
  • All Qualified and Unqualified applicants have either qualifications NOT met checked or a comment explaining their disposition code.
  • Additional comments are entered for the applicants where an explanation is necessary in addition to the qualification check boxes.
  • All applicant dispositions:
      • Correspond to the qualifications in Recruiting Solutions and the job description.
      • Do not overlap between the different rankings (Ex: “Interview” and “Qualified” applicants do not lack the same preferred qualifications.)
      • Are concrete, objective, and detailed and do not contain feelings, emotions or broad general statements.
      • Do not contain discriminatory or subjective language.
      • Do not contain second hand knowledge.

    Amended Interview Certification

    When submitting an amended request for interview approval (additional “Interview” candidates or changing “Qualified” applicants to “Interview”) please make sure :

      • The “Qualified” applicant(s) moving to “Interview” are the most qualified.
      • The applicants’ disposition codes are changed to “Interview” in Recruiting Solutions.
      • All new applicants have disposition codes and the boxes of qualifications NOT met are checked accurately.
      • All dispositions follow the guidelines above.